Discover the Revolutionary Märklin 2024 Collection at MiniatureProject

Discover a world full of innovation and nostalgia with the latest Märklin 2024 collection, now available at MiniatureProject. This year, Märklin is bringing a range of impressive model trains, including historic classics and modern wonders, perfect for any model railway enthusiast.

From the breathtaking steam locomotives with their rich details and authentic sound functions to the advanced electric locomotives with digital mfx+ decoders and dynamic smoke emissions, Märklin is once again setting a standard in the model train world.

Particularly noteworthy is the class 44 steam locomotive with tub tender, a beautiful example of craftsmanship and technological progress. This locomotive, a true work of art, is equipped with high-efficiency propulsion, digital functions, and is made with an eye for every detail.

Don't wait any longer to experience the magic of Märklin. Browse our digital Märklin brochure for 2024 and contact us for pre-orders. These models will soon also be available in our online shop at . Visit our store or website and start your journey into the enchanting world of model trains!

Marklin 2024

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