PIKO 97654/97655 - Steuerwagen Personenwagen ICR 2e Klasse NS VI (AC/DC)

PIKO 97654/97655 - Steuerwagen Personenwagen ICR 2e Klasse NS VI (AC/DC)

€169,00 PRIJS NA KORTING€153,00

Productbeschrijving: Steuerwagen Personenwagen ICR 2e Klasse NS VI

Introducing our latest addition for 2024: the Steuerwagen Personenwagen, designed to complement the ICR passenger cars of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) in Epoche VI style. The ICR cars have been the backbone of Dutch passenger transportation, and this Steuerwagen is a testament to PIKO's commitment to producing internationally compatible car families.

This precisely scaled model perfectly captures the characteristic shapes of the prototype and showcases the latest in modern manufacturing, allowing for fine engravings on the roof. The seamlessly integrated tinted windows, highly detailed Y32 bogies with separately applied spring packs and brake disc representations, as well as numerous lovingly crafted details underneath the car, all contribute to the authenticity of this model.

To further enhance the authenticity, this high-quality model comes with a variety of accessories that bring it closer to the prototype. With easy-to-install interior and rear light fixtures, this Steuerwagen will add a touch of perfection to your model railroad layout, even in the dark.

Complete your PIKO-ICR train set with the Steuerwagen Personenwagen ICR 2e Klasse NS VI and experience the excellence of NS in Epoche VI style. Order today and elevate your model railroad with a piece of Dutch railway history!

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